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Rumor: Will The Next iPod Touch Have 3G?

Well here is a rumor you don’t hear every day, the iPod Touch getting some 3G connectivity. Now before you start thinking about making calls remember that this rumor is stating that only 3G data will be active. If you think about it, it really does make sense. This would allow everyone who doesn’t need or want a iPhone to have all the latest apps and iOS goodness in the palm of their hand. Like every single Apple rumor we report on, make sure take this with a grain of salt. 


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15 Billion Apps Downloaded And Counting


Many of you will remember when the App Store passed the 1 Billion download mark. Now, as it seems, the pace is heating up. Apple announced that 15 Billion apps have been downloaded in total from the App Store as of this morning. There are also 425,000 total apps and paid apps have brought in $2.5 Billion for the developers that have made them. Apple is also showing off that they are the king of apps in the tablet world with an amazing 100,000 available for download this instant. 

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iPad Typing World Record Broken


A 15 year old broke the Guinness World Record for typing speed on the iPad by just about a second. The record that he broke consists of typing every single letter in the English language with the keyboard. His time clocked in at 5.26 seconds breaking the previous record of 6.31 seconds. We will have to see how the record keeping is done after Apple releases iOS 5 in the coming months. One of iOS 5’s new features is the redesigned keyboard. The keyboard features a split key layout with half of the letter on each side of the screen. The split screen keyboard will only be displayed on the iPad screen when holding it in in landscape position. We will make sure to keep you informed on all Apple records, meanwhile why not practice up on your typing skills?­

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Google + Submitted To The Apple App Store


For all of us iPhone loving souls that are also fascinated with Google’s new social networking program, some good news is in store for us. A post on none other than Google + itself is saying that the iOS app has been submitted and is waiting approval from Apple. Not many details are given about the app, but I’m sure we can expect something similar to the Android version. For all of those that don’t know what Google + is, here is a little background. Google + is a new social networking service from Google and is a mixture of Twitter, Skype, and Facebook. It allows you to share your pictures, videos, status updates, locations, and so much more with your friends and the world. For more information on Google + head on over to Google’s page here.

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iPad Is King Of The Tablet World

Everyone knows the iPad is a juggernaut in the tablet world so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it is the leader in usage. Wait, leader isn’t the word for it, champion is more like it. Worldwide statistics show that the iPad holds an 89% market share among tablet computers. The iPad isn’t just killing it in market share; it’s also the king in usage for non-computer devices. If you’re interested in reading more of the stats check out the comScore site.

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All You Need To Know About The Transition To iCloud

Many people are excited for iCloud to hit their devices but questions remain. Thankfully Apple has put up a FAQ about the MobileMe to iCloud transition. First and foremost is that MobileMe will no longer be available after June 30th, 2011 but keep in mind that many of the services will run through June 30th of 2012. Those services include but might not be limited to your published iWeb sites, iDisk, and your Gallery. Apple is also allowing you to cancel your MobileMe and get a prorated refund, as well as a refund for any MobileMe subscriptions that have not been activated.

There is a lot more information on Apple’s site about the transition so if you still have questions in the back of your head browse on over to Apple’s FAQ section.

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Apple Updates OS X Before Lion Comes Out


If you’re a Mac user then get ready for one more update before Lion hits the market. Apple released OS X 10.6.8 today which gives some general fixes. The fixes include improved IPv6 support, improved VPN reliability, enhancements to the App Store, removal of unknown variants of Mac Defender, and an upgrade to ready your computer for Lion. If you’re a Mac user and you haven’t had this 275MB update popup on your system, you can force it to update by going to the Apple symbol in the upper left corner and then clicking on Software Update. 

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